IP Telephony

Robust and reliable solutions


TBL Telecom offers unique and robust Unified Communication solution (UC) that brings together IP Telephony and computer integration applications such as OCS, LYNC2010, outlook, Tapi, along with video conference and collaboration.

Our company philosophy is also base around delivery of robust and reliable solutions that meet minimum of (5) nines, 99.999% system network availability.

Small or big, we have a solution for you!

Regardless if the need is from 5 to 10 users or up to 20,000 users scattered across multiples sites (up to 500), TBL Telecom’s UC solutions are designed to address the needs of every customer regardless of their size.

Convergent  or segmented cabling?

In deploying new cable infra-structure for a new IP Phone systems, a key questions always come back, what is best?

Installing (2) drop, one for computer and one for the IP phone referred as segmented cabling

  • Independent speed between PC and phone, i.e 100Mbps Phone, 1 Gbps PC
  • Different Ethernet ports
  • IP phone isolated from VIRUS affecting traffic


Installing only (1) drop, connected in the IP phone with the computer connected in the phone,  referred as Convergent cabling

  • Shared speed between PC and phone, therefore phone need to support higher speed
  • Same Ethernet ports, need QOS activated
  • IP phone not isolated from VIRUS affecting Traffic on the network